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Sho-Me Flooring is a locally owned and operated business in the Branson, Branson WestKimberling CityReeds Spring and Tri Lakes Area of Missouri and Arkansas We are committed to serving your flooring and duct cleaning needs.  With our Mobile Sho-Room, we bring the flooring samples to your home or business saving  you valuable time and endless trips to the box stores.  With our competitive floor installation, carpet cleaning, and duct cleaning,  we give you quality products at budget pricing.

We have spent many years in the flooring and duct cleaning industry as professional installers and professional sales people.  Our flooring staff offer knowledgeable advice with years of practical field experiences.  They can advise you on what best fits your needs, what type of flooring will last the longest, and what type of flooring will look great for your specific project.  This gives you, our customers, a definite advantage when it comes to flooring options.

Our goal is to help you with the ins and outs of the flooring industry which has thousands of products and may promise one thing and then deliver another.   All of our products are shipped direct from the manufacturers.  Therefore, we don't have to pressure our sales people to sell a particular product that is taking up valuable warehouse space or a product that has been discontinued and needs to be sold to make room for new product

Carpet Steam Cleaning
Spot Cleaning          Tile Cleaning
Carpet Repair          Color Repair

HVAC Cleaning          Dryer Vent Cleaning

Flooring Sales and Installation
Flooring Sales and Installation

Have you ever walked into a flooring store and felt like the person you are talking to would not know flooring if they were standing on it? You laugh, but we have felt that way, too.  Honestly, there is no one who could know everything about flooring and everyone has jitters on the first day of a job.  So, where do you go to buy flooring Sho-Me Flooring has over 20 years experience in the flooring industry.  We have been a part of flooring contracts of large projects such as The Hilton in downtown Branson to a little bathroom of our next door neighbor.  Each and every one wants the same results.  Have a company that is knowledgeabletrustworthy, and not just interested in the bottom line but interested with what works for your project.  
Call Sho-Me Flooring today for an appointment to get your project off the ground and running. 417-263-1963
Carpet Steam Cleaning (Hot Water Extraction)

Sho-Me Flooring is proud to be partnered with Sho-Me Clean formally Master Kleen of the Ozarks.  Together our mission is to provide you with quality flooring and professional flooring care.  Most manufacturers recognize the benefits of Hot Water Extraction or commonly known as carpet steam cleaning to extend the life of your carpets.  They also recognize that having your carpet cleaned by a professional that is trained in the proper ways of carpet cleaning and certified by an independent organization ( Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification) will help you enjoy your investment longer.  IICRC has bridged the gap with your local service provider and the manufacturers of carpet.  Sho-Me Clean is proud to be part of that effort. 
For more information, visit:  BransonCarpetCleaners.com
​HVAC Duct Cleaning

In our quest to make our homes and businesses more energy efficient we have lost the beneficial effect of a drafty home. Homes that we labeled drafty or homes that allowed outside air flow to cool the home during the summer months had the ability to change the air inside your home. How?  Simply by allowing outside air to replace inside air thus having fresh air circulating through your home. Today our homes are less drafty and many of us never open our windows; we just go from cooling our homes to heating our homes and back again. This results is stale air which can cause many different problems such as runny nose, sneezing, irritation to the respiratory system, dust and much more. Cleaning your duct work can help reduce the amount airborne contaminates.  You will not be able to eliminate all dust particles, but you can control it with duct cleaning. For more information, visit:  BransonDuctCleaning.com
Spot Cleaning

Accidents happen. You are moving into your new home that has new carpeting. The mover scoots a piece of furniture across your brand new carpet and leaves a black, 4-foot mark. Disaster, especially on light carpet, and you panic! 

Maybe it's a family member, pet or water leak from a house plant. Coffee, wine, marker, Kool Aid, chocolate milk, bleach spots. High traffic area patterns can cause soiled areas in homes and businesses that can be very unappealing. Children or grandchildren accidentally leak or spill on your carpet. Most of the time, these stains go unnoticed for days. Little ones don't come running to tell someone they spilled; sometimes they may not even know. This is a great reason to have your professional carpet cleaning technician apply a protectant. It will help keep spills on top of carpet fibers for removal and prevent the saturation of stains.

Have an event planned and just realized your carpet is a mess?  Short notice clean up and quick turn around, we can do in a pinch. Spot and stain treatment and low moisture carpet cleaning can help accommodate any quick solution for your immediate carpet cleaning needs  Visit BransonCarpetCleaners.com for more information.
Sho-Me Flooring
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Ceramic Tile Cleaning, Porcelain Tile Cleaning and Grout Cleaning

Got those dingy grout lines and dirty ceramic tiles in your home or business. Have you thought about tearing it all out and starting over? Have you tried every tile cleaning method known to man? We clean more than just carpetsSho-MClean can help you out! 

The same hot water steam cleaning we offer for carpet cleaning is available to clean your ceramic tileporcelain tilenatural stone, or grout. The combination of hot steamy water, pressure, and our super charged extraction can clean your tile and grout while leaving you floor dry within minutes of the cleaning. Lets face it, most tile comes clean with a little scrubbing; however, it is the grout that drives people crazy. You scrub and scrub with little to no results leaving you embarrassed about your dirty grout. You know its been cleaned but it doesn't look clean. Our tile cleaning tools are tested and proven.  Our truck mount system can deliver hot water that is two hundred plus degrees with water pressure over eight hundred pounds per square inch (PSI).  Grout, being a porous material, is hard to clean and even harder to keep clean. Our system will clean your grout and tile floor while leaving it sanitized.  You will love showing people your clean tiles. Be proud of your floors! 
Call Sho-Me Clean. 417-263-1963
Dryer Vent Cleaning

Probably the most over looked maintenance project at home or business, cleaning your dryer vent. Lets start with your home. On average, the dryer in your home is used once a day and each day your dryer is tasked with drying your clothes as fast and as efficient as possible removing all the moisture and collecting the lint.  Everyone has seen lint; everyone has picked up lint. But, what is lint. Lint is short,fine fibers that separate from the surface of cloth or yarn, especially during processing. Simply put, it's tiny threads. Lint is also made up of hair, perfumes, soap residue, dust, dyes, etc., and depending on what you are drying, it could have many other materials in it. This combination is very flammable! When there is a high volume of lint, it could become deadly.

Every year in the United States there are thousands of dryer fires usually due to the lack of maintaining your dryer vent. Studies show that per every 1000 dryer fires, 1.8 people die and 30.5 people are injured. On average in the U.S., sixteen thousand dryer fires are confirmed each year costing over two hundred million dollars per year. If you are like us, you can not put a dollar amount on the safety of your family. Most dryer vent cleanings that do not require repairs will cost less than one hundred and fifty dollars. 

Next time you take the clothes out of the dryer and they are a little wet, be pro-active. 
Call Sho-Me Duct Cleaning at 417-263-1963 or go to BransonDuctCleaners.com
Color Repair

We are often asked is coloring carpet possible? Yes, is the short answer without going into much technical detail but it still can be done. Depending on the size of the area that is discolored, the method used to re-introduce color to your carpet can different. If you have a multiple-colored carpet, this process can be done also. By re-coloring your carpet, you will hide the spots that were easily seen and help your carpet look like nothing even happened. However, carpet is not the only flooring product that can be re-colored. Grout often looses its color if it is not properly taken care of and sealed. We can help with re-coloring your grout restoring the look of your tile floor. The transformation is amazing! 

For more information, call Sho-Me Clean at 417-263-1963 or go to BransonCarpetCleaners.com
Water Removal and Restoration

​Our company has a division of emergency water removal and restoration. Twenty-four (24) hours a day, we are available to respond to your water removal emergency and remove the unwanted waterFloods come in many different forms and have the potential to create severe water damage to your home or business and your belongings. The key to any water removal is quick response, quick removal, and quick drying or removal of the damage items

We are a certified water removal company. That means that we are trained and certified just like the nationally recognized companies such as Serv Pro, or Service Master. We use the same methods of water removal, same methods of drying, the same methodology to determine the type of water loss, same type of equipment to remove and dry the water loss, and the same methods to work with your insurance company to help you through this most difficult time. 

There is no advantage to large nation wide companies other than the name recognition. We are locally-owned and we are your neighbors. We are not elsewhere in Kansas or Kentucky working on floods, we are here. We are committed to the Branson, Hollister, Kimberling City, Reeds Spring, Forsyth, Tri Lakes Area of Southern Missouri. We go to the same restaurants, same churches, same schools and so on. We service the Taney and Stone County areas which encompass Branson and Hollister as well as Forsyth, Ridgedale, Blue Eye, Kimberling City, Crane, Reeds Springs, Walnut Shade, Village of Saddlebrooke, Bull Creek, Taneyville, Cedar Creek, Theodosia, Kirbyville, Merriam Woods, Rockaway Beach, Protem, Powersite, plus many other small communities and villages including some areas in Arkansas

We have the ability to remove water and dry out the structure of a thirty-thousand square foot building or your fifteen-hundred square foot home. We understand big or small you need to put this water damage incident behind you and get yout life back to normal as soon as possible. In the case of a major water removal and restoration loss, we can help with the restoration from major construction to replacement of flooring

For more information, call Sho-Me Clean Water Removal and Restoration at 417-263-1963 or go to BransonCarpetCleaners.com 
Education and Certification IICRC 
(Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification)

If everything is the same with carpet cleaningwater removalupholstery cleaning, structural drying, etc what is the difference between different companies? With out a doubt, EDUCATION!!! At Sho-Me Clean we are dedicated to receiving and maintaining our education. We are committed to continue to learn better ways of carpet cleaning, better ways of water removal and restoration, better ways of upholstery cleaning, better ways of mold removal and disinfecting,and so on. We are committed to maintaining our certifications that means we are willing to take time away from work to travel to different places to get the education we need to serve you our current clients and our future clients better. IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification) is the main training and certification organization. This organization offers training courses throughout the year in different locations in the United States. We are being pro active in our pursuit of this education since it is not a requirement , by state, federal or local governments ,to operate a carpet cleaning company that offers the various services we offer. 

For more information about Sho-Me Clean call 417-263-1963 or go to www.bransoncarpetcleaners.com 

For more information about IICRC go to www.iicrc.org

Commercial & Residential
We offer professional licensed and insured installers. If you are a Do-It-Yourself person, we are happy to share our knowledge with you. Just give us a call.  Our staff at Sho-Me Flooring would like to thank you for considering us for all your flooring needs.
24 Hour Emergency Water Removal