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Tips On Where To Buy Flooring
The Internet is a great place to look and research flooring.  In just a few minutes or hours, you can browse many different styles and colors of the particular type flooring you want.   Big box stores slash home improvement stores are also a good place to shop.  They have large areas to store and display flooring taking up several isles.  But, is the Internet and big box stores really the best place to buy flooring???  

Here is the reality.   Most Internet sights that sell flooring, hire people to take your order, enter your order in a computer, they push send,  your order goes to the warehouse and then the warehouse personnel ships that order to you.  The order takers are usually hourly workers with little or no general knowledge of flooring.  They could not advise you if the flooring you bought was a good quality, has a good warranty, or even looks good.   More than likely they saw the same picture you did and that is the extent of their knowledge on flooring

Big box stores have the area to touch and feel the flooring you are interested in purchasing.  They have a person that has actually looked at the product and not a picture.  That person will be able to tell you the bullet points about the flooring or tell you what the company wants them to say.  Just as a  rule of thumb, most flooring sales men and women with knowledge of flooring work in a flooring store because the pay is better than big box stores.  Which brings us to this question.  Do you really want someone that is being paid minimum wage to advise you on what flooring you should put in your home?  

Purchasing flooring is a major decision.  Once you have decided, you will live with that decision for several years.  

Have you answered the question yet?   If not, here are some tips to help you purchase flooring

1. Check out your local flooring stores.  Do not be impressed with the size of their showroom or disappointed on how small their showrooms appear.

2. Be aware of low price ads that get you in the door only to find out that particular flooring was sold out or there is not enough flooring for your needs.  Sometimes, these sales are seconds.  That is the term used for flooring that has flaws and irregularities that effect the quality and the warranties of the flooring.

3. Make sure your salesperson is knowledgeable and understands your needs.

4.Have a professional measure the area you intend on flooring.  Not a bad idea for DIY folks to ensure you have the correct amount of flooring.

5. Most stores offer a complimentary measurement of the area to get new flooring.  If not, it is their way of locking you into purchasing the flooring from them.